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Why a Farmland Trust for the Annapolis Valley?

The Annapolis Valley is referred to as Nova Scotia’s bread basket. The Valley with its unique micro climate, fertile soils and skilled farming community make this area one of the most productive and diverse agricultural growing regions in Canada.

The Annapolis Valley is home to the majority of Class 2 farmland in Nova Scotia which has the least restriction for agricultural production of all the land classes found in this province.

We believe agricultural soils are a finite natural resource and preserving them is critical to protecting rural economies, communities and a sustainable agricultural industry. These soils bless us with fresh local food production and provide significant environmental services to the greater community.

What is a Land Trust?


In general terms, a land trust is any organization that holds or protects land “in trust” for public benefit. Individual land trusts are usually developed to protect a specific type of land that serves an important function, which may be threatened by competing land uses.

Land trusts commonly have been used to protect woodlands, wetlands, rare species habitat, or other ecologically sensitive areas. In North America, hundreds of successful farmland trusts have been formed to conserve working farmlands rather than natural habitats, although individual farms may include woodlands, wet lands and other natural features.