100 Mile Farm Food Festival

100 Mile Farm Food Festival

We’re organizing a great family and food event for the middle of the summer!

Sunday, August 4, 2019, 11 am to 4 pm in Centreville, Kings Co.

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Fill your bags and baskets with fresh, seasonal farm products proudly displayed by regional growers showcasing an abundance of seasonal vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy, honey and maple syrup products!

Vendors will also bring a vast assortment of food and drink products sourced from local ingredients like ciders, wine, ales, spirits, cheeses, pastas, baked goods and tasty lunch offerings or BBQ.

Live music, wagon rides, livestock petting zoo, balloon magic, BBQ, ice cream, hay lifting competition and prizes.

History museum, antique farm equipment and blacksmith studio!


Northville Farm Heritage Centre
1158 Steadman Road
Centreville, Kings Co.


Under 5 free

Contact person: Cassidy Franklin, email hidden; JavaScript is required

100 mile Farm Food Festival poster
NS Federation of Agriculture AGM

NS Federation of Agriculture AGM

The AVFT was a sponsor for the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture AGM nutrition break on Nov. 30, 2018.

Pictured are AVFT Board Director Andy Parker and his wife Gail Parker.

The Kings Mutual Insurance Company supports Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust

The Kings Mutual Insurance Company supports Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust

With firm roots in the agricultural community, Kings Mutual Insurance is helping to preserve farmlands

Berwick, NS – The Kings Mutual Insurance Company has been at the forefront of helping Nova Scotians and specifically the Agricultural community since 1904.  Offering competitive farm coverages at prices you can count on has been their niche since the beginning.  Sharing Kings Mutual Company profits with you by sending policyholders rebate cheques has been a consistent way of giving back to communities.  Kings Mutual Insurance has increased their commitment to agriculture by donating $50,000 to the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust over a five year time frame.  These donations are to protect and preserve farmland in Nova Scotia.

Kings Mutual Insurance is excited to be partnering with the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust.  Both organizations are focused on ensuring Agriculture remains a sustainable and viable option for Nova Scotians.  This industry is at the forefront of innovation as they understand what is needed to be competitive, to protect our environment and to provide the staples of our society.  Kings Mutual commends the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust for believing in their vision of sharing options to preserve and conserve agricultural lands in this beautiful province.

About Kings Mutual Insurance

When you insure with Kings Mutual Insurance you become an owner of the Company.  This provides you with insurance premium rebates and immediate enrollment in the Loss Prevention Program.  Kings Mutual pays you a rebate to assist us in keeping your home, business and family safe.  It’s all part of their Mutual Advantage and part of their Vision of Inspiring our neighbours to keep their families, homes, and businesses safe.  Innovating today to protect for tomorrow.

Their mission is to provide best-in-class insurance through mutual ownership, loss prevention, and claims delivery.  Policyholders are granted ownership in the company, with access to premium refunds, voting at policyholder meetings and representation on the Board of Directors.  Their strategy is rooted in helping others and providing insurance at affordable prices over the long term. They are a company you can rely on!

Meet Our First Easement Donors

Meet Our First Easement Donors

Paul and Marilyn Cameron are the first Annapolis Valley farmers to ensure that their land will be preserved as farmland forever, by setting up an easement through the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust. Meet them in this video!

AGM April 6, 2017

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2017, at 7 PM in the Seniors’ Room at the Port Williams Community Centre.

First Agricultural Easement Donated to AVFTS

Farmland in Kings County, NS, is being preserved for future generations of farmers. Paul and Marilyn Cameron of Grafton are the first landowners to donate an agricultural easement to the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust Society. This easement will ensure that more than 20 acres of agricultural land remains available for farming forever and that non-farming activities are restricted.

Trust Chairperson Brian Newcombe, a 9th generation farmer, commented:

It is important to know that there will be agricultural land available for future generations. The Trust is grateful to landowners such as the Cameron family for taking action to ensure we will have farmland permanently preserved.

Paul and Marilyn Cameron expressed their gratitude to the work of the Trust:

We are so grateful to the Trust for all of the hard work to ensure that our farm’s soils will be protected infinitely into the future. We hope that many other landowners will take the opportunity to place an easement on their land to conserve it for agriculture. Farmland is at risk of being lost to development and the Trust needs our help to carry out its work to protect it.

The Trust is actively negotiating easements for more than 250 acres of active agricultural land in Kings County. It anticipates having more than 150 total acres under protection in 2016.

The Board of Directors and Committees are comprised of farmers and investment, accounting and legal professionals. The Trust was incorporated in September 2009 after several years of planning, and has been conducting fundraising activities since that time. The Provincial Department of Agriculture and the Municipality of the County of Kings assisted with seed funds, and significant private commitments have also been received. Legislation was enacted in July 2013 which has enabled the Trust to acquire easements from landowners who choose to preserve their lands for agriculture. The Trust evaluates the lands and negotiates the content of the easement with the landowner, who receives a charitable tax receipt for the value of the donated easement.

“Agriculture is an important part of the provincial economy, and the backbone of our rural communities. It accounted for more than $385 million in exports in 2015, a 21 per cent increase over 2014, and we want this success to continue,” said Nova Scotia Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “Preserving farmland supports growth in our agriculture sector and contributes to a sustainable future for Nova Scotia.”

The Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust Society is a charitable non-government organization based in Kentville, NS, that promotes and facilitates the preservation of farmland for a productive and sustainable future.