Our Annual General Meeting was held on April 7, 2016.

Charlie Keddy, Brian Newcombe, Janice Lutz and Geoff Muttart will each serve another 3-year term on the Board.

Annual Report AVFTS 2015

The board and its committees have committed hours of volunteer time in 2015 and after many years of patiently working towards building a foundation for the AVFTS, I can proudly say we have a signed agreement that protects the Trust’s first piece of farmland in Nova Scotia. This first farmland easement is an important and historic moment for the Trust and as chair of the board I would like to personally thank all the present and past board members, committees, donors and supports for making this possible. These are exciting times for the AVFTS and for preservation of agricultural land.

The land committee was very busy consulting with a numbers of land owners about having their land put in the farmland trust. Our program manager Gary Morton has been busy with the completion of our first easement and meeting with new potential land owners. Gary’s work on our second farmland property is well under way with hopes of completing it by the end of 2016.

The fundraising committee continues working their first campaign to raise enough funds to complete 5-6 easements. The board appeal was very successful raising approximately $60,000 from past and present board members. The second year of the campaign will focus the broader community and businesses.
Communication committee – Our new website was launched in 2015 and should help us communicate and inform the public and our supporters about the land trust’s activities over the coming years. With the completion of our first easement the committee is working on getting the signage development and printed for the property along with a media package.

Brian and Richard have met with the Agricultural Minister twice over the past 2 years and as a result of these meeting a committee was struck to look at how farmland trusts could help with the preservation of farmland in Nova Scotia. Brian and Richard will be the representatives for the AVFTS on this committee, with a draft report due in the spring 2016.

Brian Newcombe, Chair
Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust
9th Generation Farmer

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