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Our goal is to protect and conserve as much farmland as possible for farming, and only for farming, forever.

Good farmers are not scarce.

Land that they can afford to farm is.

We can change this!

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We want to make sure that Farmland is Forever.

We partner with landowners to conserve their farmland. We also acquire farmland and hold it in trust, available for farming. Read more about how we are preserving farmland.

  • How much of Canada’s lands can NOT be farmed at all? 94% 94%
  • How much of Canada’s land is Class 1 farmland? 0.5% 0.5%
  • How much of Canada’s land is suitable for growing tender fruit? 0.004% 0.004%
  • How much of Canada’s urban growth has taken place on Class 1 to Class 3 lands and fruit lands? 85% 85%

Over 6,000,000 hectares of good agricultural land in Canada has been lost to other uses since 1966.


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