Why is Preserving Annapolis Valley Farmland So Important?

rowsThe Annapolis Valley is referred to as Nova Scotia’s bread basket. Its unique micro climate, fertile soils and skilled farming community make the Valley one of the most productive and diverse agricultural growing regions in Canada.

The Annapolis Valley is home to the majority of Class 2 farmland in Nova Scotia. Of all the land classes found in this province, Class 2 is the best for agriculture.

Agricultural soils are a finite natural resource. Preserving them is critical to protecting rural economies, communities and a sustainable agricultural industry. These soils bless us with fresh local food production and provide significant environmental services to the greater community.

More Reasons to Preserve Farmland

Economic Stability


  1. The agriculture industry is the major economic driver for many rural communities, provides thousands of jobs and supports other local businesses.
  2. Agriculture and Agri-food industries comprise an important economic sector in Nova Scotia.

Social and Cultural Heritage


  1. Farmland provides a beautiful scenic landscape and cultural history which helps attract tourism and adds to the quality of life of its citizens.
  2. Without farmland there would be no local farmers markets, and consumers would not have the choice to purchase fresh locally produced food with a smaller carbon footprint than imported food.

Environmental Stewardship


  1. Through good stewardship, farmland protects water resources and has greater ground water infiltration and less runoff than urban areas
  2. Farmland helps to provide wildlife habitat through conservation of woodland, wetland and streams.
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